Belgrade Unruly Talent Association

The BUNT Festival was first initiated last year with the goal of supporting fine artistic values, values that are worthy of the talent and professional accomplishments of musicians in Serbia, as well as of the country’s civilisational accomplishments in the 21st century.

So what has happened since the first iteration of BUNT? One year down the line and music in Serbia is still having to bend under the pressures of various crises, politics, and a deliberate neglect of all that is of essence to its existence.
The most important musical events are being downgraded, many have lost all sources of funding, competitions launched by the City of Belgrade or the Ministry of Culture suffer from delays and continue to lack all credibility. Planning serious cultural events is, as a result, not only difficult but often impossible.

It’s therefore time for another BUNT!

BUNT stands against everything that currently characterises the cultural climate in Serbia: artists who are drained by all the uncertainties that surround their work, organisers of musical events who are fewer and fewer in number, a country with no cultural season as such and a capital city with a dwindling cultural events. BUNT stands against a climate in which those who participate in cultural and educational projects are increasingly losing their enthusiasm, energy, or any sense of a future.

Diversity, a wealth of different artistic forms, participants, ensembles, musicians, pieces and authors, a rich variety of styles, epochs, tendencies and tastes – this is the type of music that BUNT stands for.

BUNT is apolitical and not-for-profit.  It rests solely on the good will of individuals, on a sense of fine artistic values, and on the interest of its audience.

The drive behind BUNT is the desire and the need to show that a fragmented music scene in Serbia does still exist and that art can simply not be extinguished.